Monday, February 11, 2008

Americans Don't Cut and Run

I am, at heart, an American.

No more, no less.

I believe in the freedom of choice, the freedom of speech, the freedom to religion -- yes, even Satanic Islam.

But mostly, I believe in kicking ass.

There are many Americans who have forgotten about that crisp September day. That day, when everything changed.

No more were we Americans expected to give into the polyannish Clintonista view that we should repay our foreign enemies who kill our soldiers by giving their leaders more money. No longer were Americans expected to sit back and watch, as democrats sodomized our Constitution and handed our rights to the ACLU on a limousine-liberal's silver platter. No longer were we supposed to embrace Michael Moore hatist punditry.

But somewhere, somehow, we went wrong.

Somewhere, a slim minority of Americans forgot what America was all about. Somewhere, somehow, some of us have decided the democrat defeatist stance is American. Well, let me tell you something. America does not lose her wars. democrats and their allies in al Qaeda believe in using our precious public drinking water to spit, and urinate on the graves of our beloved fallen soldiers. They believe in anarchism, Stalinist socialism, and jihad.

Hatred is not a family value.

The primaries are almost over. The Republicans have chosen an American hero to represent themselves. The democrats are still choosing between a woman who's life is saturated in self-pity and power-baiting, and an inexperienced child who will pull our troops out of Iraq, with victory all but a certainty at this point.

Both democrats are intent on letting terror destroy America.

They crave it.

They believe they will be able to blame George W. Bush, our commander-in-chief, a man who has more love for hard working patriotic Americans in his finger than any democrat has in their welfare-loving body.

democrats live to point blame. They did it to Reagan, our Greatest President, and now they're doing it to Bush.

Let's send a message.

Let's tell the defeatists in Washington what it means to be an American. Future-President McCain didn't keel over and die while he was being tortured for years in Hanoi, while his fellow citizens at home were calling him a baby killer. He stood up for them as they spit on his comrades.

He is the man to lead America to victory against terror.

Barack Obama hates America. This is something that has become all too clear. Hillary Clinton Rodham, she hates Americans. And there is a difference. However, both are the wrong choice.

Again, let's send a message. Let's award Future-President McCain a landslide come November. Let's kick some ass.

God bless you all.

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