Thursday, December 13, 2007

Media Continues Onslaught of America with TV Show

Is there anything the media can keep sacred?

According to TV Week, a new "Knight Rider" movie, and possibly television series is coming to NBC. To refresh your memory, this is the show where the hero has a talking car. It once starred David Hasselhoff.

One of the main characters is set to be a "Jaded" Iraq War vet.

At least, that's what the article says.

First they change the name of Operation Iraqi Freedom to "Iraq War." Then they decide liberals are "progressives." Then the terrorists became "insurgents." Now Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq Vets are "Jaded."

I hope they're proud of themselves.

Studies show that our brave troops coming home from the liberation are in great health, both physically and mentally. The morale is high and the surge is working. The Iraqi government is on the brink of establishing its Democracy.

And war vets are not jaded. They created the stereotype during the liberation of South Vietnam, and they're trying to do it again with Iraq. Just imagine if the media had portrayed Eisenhower or Patton as "Jaded" World war II vets.

They'd be burned at the stake.


destro said...

burned at the stake ...

NickFlip said...

There's no such thing as a jaded Iraq War vet.

...and, let's call it what it is. A war in Iraq.

support the troops said...

you guys on vacation or something?

Nick Flip said...

almost a month and no updates...


CresceNet said...

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NickFlip said...

two months and no updates??

What's the deal? We're worried about you over here.

The Grizz said...

Hi Nickflip,

The Freedom Brothers were going to lose their day jobs if they continued to blog for several hours each day. We hope that you continue to voice your opinions, no matter how close minded they are. That's your fundamental freedom as an American. Let freedom ring.

Fly High,
The Grizz

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