Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Baldwin Hearts Gore, Hates Own Daughter

On liberal hate website The Huffington Post, Alec Baldwin, best known for his tirade in which he called his daughter a “pig” via voicemail, gloats about how great disgraced former Vice President Al Gore is.

Baldwin writes, “Al Gore today takes his place as a true global leader. Through his important work, he demonstrates the insight and determination that was the measure of political courage yesterday, is so today and will be tomorrow.”

In the blog, Baldwin refers to American hero and head of the Iraq Study Report James Baker as a “dangerous political operative.” He refers to our Greatest President’s Supreme Court pick Sandra Day O’Connor as “myopic and cowardly,” and Jeb Bush’s employees as “thugs posing as election officials.”

Yes, he’s still crying about the 2000 election, in which Bush beat Gore, by all accounts, in a landslide in Florida. Just because Alec Baldwin and his group of friends think Gore “won” in Florida, that doesn’t make it so. It’s called evidence. There was no evidence that Gore won, and there’s no evidence global warming exists. Gore, the so-called, “true global leader”, is 0 for 2.

Wait, he was vice president for a while, wasn’t he? And a senator?

Make that 0 for 4.

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