Monday, December 3, 2007

UPDATED: Gay Men Lie About Straight Senator

Senator Larry Craig, whose name has been repeatedly tarnished by political rivals, has again been accused of having gay sex.

The Idaho Statesman reports that at least five liars describe unprovable encounters with the senator, dating back to the early 1980s.

One of the liberal liars, a man named David Phillips, claims he had sex with Craig in 1987. After the supposed encounter, Craig supposedly told Phillips, "I can buy and sell your (expletive) a thousand times over. You were never here."

Anyone who knows Craig’s public record of values-voting and moral issues knows that this statement is false, a laughable accusation.

A male escort named Mike Jones, who makes a living destroying families, said Craig paid him $200 on a night “between November 2004 and March 2005.”

Hey Jones: If you’re going to lie to further your decrepit career, might as well decide on a date!

The other false accusations, covered by the liberal hate “news” paper, The Idaho Statesman, were so ridiculous and based on hearsay, The Freedom Brothers do not wish to repeat them.

Further, we believe that putting this trash in a newspaper is degrading our society. When papers that try to pass themselves off as news plan and enact a coup d’etat against a sitting Senator, a straight Senator, unlike several prominent liberals in congress, it’s the American voter who loses.

We all saw the sad state of events this summer, where Craig was forced to tell the world what it already knew: that he wasn’t gay. But that’s not enough for the media. They need their hysterical story. They need their fix on our public figure’s privates. We believe this was acceptable during the 90s because Bill Clinton stole two elections and enacted anti-American policies across the board while turning the oval office into a brothel, inviting 9/11 with open arms and being soft on defense.

However, the media is now on a witch hunt. Craig is a decent, caring man who has been smeared with such force he believes he can no longer serve his country and will not run for office in 2008. For shame, people.

For shame.

UPDATE: Larry Craig has courageously called these accusations "completely false."


"It is unfortunate that the Idaho Statesman has chosen to continue to lower itself to the standards of what can best be described as tabloid journalism. Like its previous coverage, these latest allegations are completely false and have no basis in reality.

"In fact, the paper itself states that these baseless accusations contain no definitive evidence yet they still decided to print them anyway. However, despite the fact the Idaho Statesman has decided to pursue its own agenda and print these falsehoods without any facts to back them up, I won’t let this paper’s attempt to malign my name stop me from continuing my work to serve the people of Idaho."

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