Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clintonista Leads Guantanamo Terrorists in Futile Escape Attempt

Traitor Seth Waxman, previously a solicitor general in the sham Clinton administration, showed up at the Supreme Court today to complain that the hundreds of suicidal fundamentalists being imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay are deprived of their rights, which somehow they haven't forfeited after dedicating themselves to turning American life into a horror movie. If his support for the terrorists is successful, it will mark the third time that the highest court in the land has regurgitated some of the worst people on Earth back onto our streets.

Pat Tillman must be rolling over in his grave.

Despite a transparent, well defined legal apparatus for dealing with those incarcerated in the tropical prison, the left wing of our country insists on putting the so-called human rights of non-humans before those of their countrymen. They would sooner break these fiends out of jail than see a legitimate court find them to be what they are: terminally insane individuals that threaten the United States and her allies on a massive, massive scale. At the very most, they would prefer to have these criminals in and out of a courtroom by 9:30 am the day after their arrest, like they were underage Hussein Obamas busted with half-smoked reefers.

I don't care if these democrats want to protest the (justified) prospect of these men being summarily killed or, at the bare minimum, incarcerated until they're dead - they're Freedom to do so and then be proven imbeciles is their foremost right as American citizens. However, the fact that they wish to try and break our Enemies out of jail before they have even been processed for life-saving intelligence is unforgiveable. I'd imagine they've never even heard of Israel, a little country that learned that sometimes you need to pick up a shovel and get your hands dirty if you want to clean out the septic tank.

The liberals in this country should have their local stem cell researchers grow them some brains, eyes, biceps and, after that, maybe two other pieces of the anatomy, assuming there's any fetuses left over.

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