Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Afghan Army Stays Tough, Defeats Insurgents

With victory secured, brave Afghan troops, supported by NATO air power defeated and killed 50 Taliban insurgents during a two day battle in a southern Afghan town.

As the cowardly insurgents were defeated, the retreated to another town called Sangin, where they started firing their weapons at random.

The commanders are among the dead.

An Afghani governor named Asadullah Wafa said, “After 11 months the Afghan flag is again flying over the Musa Qala district center.”

The Freedom Brothers, like the majority of Americans, are proud of our Afghan brothers and sisters as they re-take control of their country. Whether it be the soviets or Taliban militants ruling by authoritarian means, the average Afghani has been oppressed since the early 80s.

And if I were an Afghani I would say, as I would if I were an Iraqi, “God, I love freedom.”

Now, just remember Afghanis and Iraqis, the democrats still want to pull our support out of there because they hate you. We don’t know how much time you have left, especially with people like Crazy Ron Paul given time to actually speak and lie at the Republican debates, and democrats griping over who would suffer defeat to the insurgency first, should one of them win the presidency - which they won't.

We know what you call democrats over there.


But, with God on our side, we’ll pull this out for you.

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