Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ron Paul, the 9/11 Truth Movement and Their Conspiracy to Kill America

On April 24, 2004, eight American servicemen died serving their country. They spent the last days and months of their lives thousands of miles away from their loved ones in a sun scorched hell-hole populated by a volatile mix of subjugated Freedom lovers and deranged religious fundamentalists on a mission from their so-called God to rape, murder and plunder. Those men loved their country and people like you and me.

As the Ultimate Sacrifice was made eight times over, back on the other side of the world, not far from where some of those Patriots were born and raised, a small ugly man leaned back in his leather chair and began to type a manifesto against the American people. He wrote carefully and concisely, taking care not to miss attacking any of the Truths held most sanctified by the citizens of the United States.

He lambasted our economic system, declaring that it exists merely to destroy poor people around the world and to benefit the rich. He called our Sons and Daughters In Country cowards, and expressed uncertainty over whether they would have the strength to kill the cavemen running amok in the Middle East. Worst of all, he claimed that the American people nefariously built Al Qaeda from the ground up and are fully responsible for the deaths of thousands on 9/11.
By now, it’s no secret to the vast majority of Americans that after ahmadinejad, chavez, and bin laden, Crazy Ron Paul is the greatest threat to their national and personal security. Though it’s obvious that he will be crushed by all of the other Republican candidates running against him in that party’s primaries, the Freedom Brothers still consider it important to take this opportunity to point out just how dangerous this man is.

Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul is a gynecologist born in Lake Jackson, Texas in 1935. Many of his supporters are quick to blather about his military "service", however the Freedom Brothers wish to point out that he spent the Vietnam Era lounging on a couch with Saigonese prostitutes, not shedding blood, sweat and tears with his comrades. He has represented the congressional district where he was born in the United States House of Representatives since 1997, where thus far, his attempts to destroy the Constitution and American Democracy have been thwarted by his four hundred and thirty four more reasonable colleagues. Paul has built his pathetic political career on the sham insinuation that Americans are sheep, voluntarily living in a police state run by a one party government.

The deranged assertion that Rudy Giuliani, an American hero who literally waded through the rubble of the World Trade Center, is somehow in cahoots with Bill Clinton’s Wife is preposterous – an outright lie. Paul tries to put forward this myth in order to disillusion the American people and gain favor with the real sheep: people like the traitor Alex Jones and his audience.

Jones, the absolutely insane webmaster of Infowars, and other websites designed to stir up dissent and terror within the US populace, is perhaps Our Nation’s number one Ron Paul supporter. Paul, for his part, is quite the admirer of his benefactor and has acknowledged the contributions of the maniac on numerous occasions – most notably in a damning November 2006 interview in which the Good Doctor accuses Our President George W. Bush of personally allowing the more than 7,000 American souls (civilian and military) killed by terrorists in the War For Freedom.

Paul is an all-opportunity conspiracy theorist, and remembers the little guy in addition to the hard-core of Delusion Media like that created by Jones. In May 2007, Ron Paul stabbed you in the back when he met with Student Scholars for 9/11 Truth – a sinister hate group that preys on our youth like a vampire. In the clip, we see Paul tell a teenager (probably pre-pubescent at the time of the slaughter in Washington and New York) that he doesn’t trust a word the government says, and that it probably killed John F. Kennedy.

Americans need to look at the facts and make up their minds about Crazy Ron Paul:

  • Ron Paul blames the American People for 9/11.

  • Ron Paul is determined to legalize abortion.

  • Ron Paul wants to flood our streets with (legalized) illegal drugs.

  • Ron Paul will allow terrorists to run free in our cities.

  • Ron Paul doesn’t care if a green flag flies over Jerusalem.

  • Ron Paul has desecrated The Fallen and wants to destroy Free Iraq.

These are facts and anyone who doesn’t acknowledge them is lying to themselves, to the Troops, to the Freedom Brothers and to everyone else around them.

In the 2008 election, hard-working Americans everywhere will stop what they’re doing, go down to their local voting center and cast a vote. The Freedom Brothers hope that that vote will be for 9/11 Soldier Rudolph Giuliani, moral compass Mike Huckabee, proven leader Mitt Romney, battle-scarred veteran John McCain, rugged Southerner Fred Thompson, or any of the other well qualified candidates – not for squirrelly hate monger Ron Paul.


akak said...

Great satire! I love how you invert truth and reality to (mockingly) oppose Ron Paul. Thanks for the positive article, highlighting the logical absurdity of the fear-mongering, war-mongering neocon line.

War forever said...

George Bush for 4 more years ,

Peace is for little girls and men who wanna be girls deep down.

KineticReaction said...

LOL, great satire.

Freedom Eagle said...

I believe I speak for myself and The Grizz when I say this is absolutely not satire. Liberals and Ron Paul supporters alike, whatever they may be (anarchists, 9/11 Truthers, etc.) don't understand when someone isn't kidding because they get their news from the comedy channel and their opinions from MTV. They spend their free time googling pornography.

So please, just because your life is a joke, don't make this website out to be one. Check the facts. They are all correct.

Anonymous said...

You truly are a genuine jackass Grizz. It's obvious that you cannot read or you would know that almost every single thing you posted about Ron Paul is ridiculously innaccurate! Did you even read his book or just see the cover and get flustered by big words like manifesto, toss it in the fire and make up whatever the hell you want to about the man. You and uneducated hate mongerers like you truly are the reason this country is in the perilous state that it is. Don't worry when the economy crashes and are assests are seized one by one by China, Im sure you'll still be so happy are boys are over seas in Iraq and Afghanistan and not here to protect your stupid redneck ass.