Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Franken, Still Not Funny, Runs For Senate

Venomous unfunny “Funnyman” Al Franken insists his campaign for the United States Senate is not a joke.

No, really.

On the trail in Minnesota, Franken was quoted by liberal newspaper The New York Times, as saying, “They should be allowing more dogs in places…dogs in grocery stores, dogs in hardware stores.”

He’s taking on the tough issues.

According to the Times, Franken’s missteps have taken place as voters are still trying to figure out if his senate run is one of his Saturday Night Live skits. They can’t figure it out because they weren’t laughing then, and they aren’t laughing now.

He is also reportedly making up “silly songs” during “call time” in which Franken and his staff call around the People’s Republic of Minnesota and beg for money – since Franken has apparently spent all the money he embezzled from the Boys and Girls Club of Brooklyn during his time at Air America Radio.

Franken, while not remembered for being funny, is often remembered for his despicable book titled, “Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot” in which he attempts, and fails, to pick on the American hero of conservatism.

Even The People’s Republic of Minnesota isn’t stupid enough to vote for someone who has absolutely no idea what he’s doing. Norm Coleman, after beating Walter Mondale (even though liberals still believe there was a conspiracy behind the race) in 2002 for the Senate seat, has been a breath of fresh air for marginalized conservative Minnesotans who don’t want the government breathing down their necks and in their bedrooms. He has taken the same path that our President, George Bush, has taken, and protected Minnesotans from a terrorist attack while simultaneously lowering taxes.

The People’s Republic has never been so prosperous.

And someone like Al Franken wants to run for Senate?

Don’t insult their intelligence like that, Al.

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