Monday, December 3, 2007

Bill Clinton's Wife Won't Abandon Iraq Fast Enough for Most democrats

Mrs. Clinton's plan to hand over power to Al Qaeda in Iraq by no later than 2013 requires too much bravery for the majority of democrats. The quotes coming out of the DNC's conference last Friday (which Hillary couldn't attend, due to the unfolding maniac-with-a-fake-bomb situation unfolding at her New Hampshire campaign office) packed more laughs than a Jeff Foxworthy comedy special. For example, tough as nails state chairman of the Hawaiian DNC Beverly Dean Withington remarked: "It can't be done in less than six months, that's for sure."

It's a good thing General Withington wasn't holding the binoculars on D-Day. Democrats like her are looking to surrender the War for Freedom as fast as logistically possible, and trying to force cowardice on American soldiers ready and willing to give their lives so that Iraqi children can grow up enjoying all of the things their own - our own - kids do. Apparently Withington isn't ready to see stronger, braver Americans make that noble sacrifice.

Bill Clinton's Wife is practically Patton compared to the majority of her base, suggesting that she would keep the (base-confined, fire-restricted) Troops in Liberated Iraq for approximately another five years - a completely insufficient timeframe doomed to total failure. Anyone in the know - our President, our Generals, our American sons and daughters In Country - will tell you that we'll need hardened soldiers cleaning up the Iraqi streets for decades to come.

If we leave before the job is done, we will be desecrating the graves of each and every American that died in the struggle. Mrs. Clinton's plan to cut and run a little less soon than the rest of her party is just a ploy to woo weak-willed fake conservatives over to her.

Don't be a victim.

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