Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ron Paul Obsessed With Iraq Defeat

Crazy Ron Paul recently told liberal hate media monger Wolf Blitzer the Republican Party will lose in 2008 should they remain by their pro-liberation stance.

"Since 70 per cent of the American people want out of the war and they're tired of it - the Republicans better pick somebody who is opposed to the war or have a new foreign policy or they can't win," the "Republican" lied yesterday.

Crazy Ron Paul, though Republican in name, is actually a defeatist liberal bent on destroying the country, along with congressional democrats – should he steal an election from the American people.

Paul went on to lie about our stance in the world and how we are funding the war.

“People are sick and tired of the war, we can't even afford it, we can't even fight the war without borrowing the money from the Chinese - so it doesn't add up.”

It should be noted that when Ron Paul said “people” he actually meant himself, other 9/11 Truthers and Anti-Americans who want the terrorists to win in Iraq, then invade the United States and team up with illegal aliens to take back “their” land we “stole” from them in the Mexican War.

The terrorists will not be satisfied until they are knocking down American doors, ransacking our homes, and defiling our women.

Paul was asked by Blitzer what he thought of John McCain’s courageous comments at the CNN/YouTube debate last week, as documented by the Freedom Brothers. Believing the war on terror to be a joke, Paul laughed when he said: "First off, Iraq is not Nazi Germany…I thought it was Hitler that caused World War Two, not the American people....it didn't make any sense - then he was awfully confused about isolationism versus non-intervention - there's a big difference.”

We repeat our claim: Paultards are the new Chamberlains.

A question to Ron Paul supporters: Do you hate America more, or as much as congressional democrats?


Publius said...

Freedom Eagle, did you forget to take your meds again?

Anonymous said...

This is just so wrong on so many levels. Such satire... I mean, one could actually believe you actually think like this.

How many instances throughout history do you know where terrorists knocked down doors, ransacked homes and defiled women.

I mean, sure that's what some say... but to believe it, well, you're too much into satire. You should probably take over for Colbert while the writing strike is on.

Anonymous said...

ahaha, that's great.

Are you the same guys who run the fake Rudy and Fred forums that have guys named SEAN HANNITY, KARL ROVE, and such to do the same kind of satire?

Bison said...

You and your brother are fanatics, I'm almost positive that you both live on the right wing fringe. Do you both also refer to G. Bush as Dear Leader?

Freedom Eagle said...

There you go again, leftists. Making jokes. Since liberals go to MTV to get their news and opinions, it's no wonder you consider well-researched commentary a joke.

And your liberal hero Ron Paul, who somehow got away with pretending to be a Republican even though he doesn't support the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq, he's a freak. No real Republican would ever vote for him, and those who make up his "7%" in the polls, they're jokers just like you, trying to stir up a pot that's already well-done, ready to serve.

The Grizz said...

Anonymous (1),

You're living a lie and you won't believe the truth until a man with a turban is standing over your smoking carcass. Stay informed and stay alive.

Fly High,
The Grizz