Monday, December 10, 2007

Atheists Want You To Hate God

World Net Daily reports that Connecticut Atheists have erected a 10-foot sign outside a church, that blames September 11th on religion.

The 3-sided sign was erected in the Town of Vernon's Central Park on Dec. 1 by the Connecticut Valley Atheists. It echoes the late liberal hatist John Lennon, who single-handedly hurt America’s chances of winning the Vietnam War, in saying, “Imagine No Religion.”

The Freedom Brothers wonder how you can imagine something to be untrue when consistent evidence shows it to be true.

Dennis Himes, an atheist, told the Hartford Courant that the goal is to "simply emphasize an advantage of atheism, something good about atheism…Al-Qaida is not a terrorist organization that happens to be religious, it is a terrorist organization that is inspired by its religious beliefs."

Himes neglected to reflect on the well known fact that countries with Judeo-Christian values are more likely to thrive, build wealth, and have a greater sense of purpose than Islamic and countries that embrace atheism, like Cuba and Red China.

Himes claims this to be a first amendment issue.

The Freedom Brothers understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, which is what our Founding Fathers wanted, but to insinuate that religion, itself, is the cause of such evil as September 11th neglects the fact that Islam is an inherently evil religion, bent on converting the globe – from Indonesia to the United States.

Radical Islamists believe it is okay to kill for insulting their cult. Christians and their Jewish brothers and sisters do not believe this, nor are they responsible for any terrorism that goes on in the world, simply counter-terrorism and measures to isolate Islamofascists.

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