Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Massachusetts Highway Department Hates the Troops, Tries to Kill Freedom of Speech

The Massachusetts Highway Department demanded yesterday that hundreds of tributes erected over the state's highways to honor the Lions of the US Military fighting in the War For Freedom overseas be torn down and destroyed. Specifically singled out for removal is a collection of flags and banners dedicated to Army Specialist Alexander Jimenez, a kidnapped soldier being held who-knows-where by savages in Iraq's Diyala province. The Department makes the absolutely preposterous claim that the patriotic displays impede drivers' vision on the roads, despite the proven fact that not one accident has been caused by them in the past.

These people make me sick.

Even as our sons and daughters In Country are killing Islamic terrorists like the ones that have Spec. Jimenez by the tens, maybe hundreds of thousands, some within our country insist on silencing us any time we attempt to raise our voices and show them our appreciation. The democrats running the Massachusetts Highway Department are too scared to pass under an overpass with a flag on it, even as our Troops pass without flinching under overpasses laced with IEDs and land mines on a daily basis.

We live in a world where palestinians want to strap bombs to themselves and explode inside our schools. We live in a world where iraqis want to infiltrate our country and crash jet liners packed with screaming men, women and children into skyscrapers. We live in a world where iranians want to set off atom bombs in our Nation's Capital, slaughtering our President and killing our Congress. The only thing standing between these certainties and the men who wish to perpetrate them are just a half a million American youths, ready and willing to die for the same cowards that kick dirt in their sun-burned faces.

It boils down to this. The democrats across this country are too ashamed to love, too cowardly to stand up, and too PC to kill (unless, of course, we're talking about babies en utero). Every democrat will wipe a small tear from their eye and croak about loving the Troops, but the minute they're asked to do so much as tie a piece of fabric - so small, yet so meaningful to the ones who Serve - to a fence, it's too much.

It seems like nobody even knows what the word sacrifice means anymore.

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