Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Liberal Media Lies, Says Iran Not Scared Of Reagan

Rudy Giuliani, talking of his official stance as an American hero, shows his credentials in a new ad.

While talking admiringly of our Greatest President Ronald Reagan, and how he ended the Iranian hostage crisis because the Iranians were scared of him, he says, “The one hour they released them was the one hour Ronald Reagan was taking the oath of office for president.”

Liberal blogger John Martin of, posing as a conservative, says, “history is not that simple." He quotes Mark Bowden’s factless book and says, “in ‘Guests of the Ayatollah’: "All of the hostage takers I interviewed said that the decision to wait until Carter officially left office was deliberate, a final insult to the man they had propped up as the representative of the devil on earth.’”

Listen up Martin: You and your liberal “let’s all just get along” mud-penetrating Godless friends can re-write history all you want. America knows that our Greatest President Ronald Reagan was a force to be reckoned with, and so did the Iranian terrorists, and so did the Soviet Union and the terrorist Communist government of Guatemala.

Try reading a history book. Rudy did.

Liberals love smearing our Greatest President because they fear a conservative America where everyone can be prosperous and God forbid, work their way out of the middle class and into wealth.

Without the poor, there would be no liberals.


NickFlip said...

John Martin DID read a book. It was called "Guests of the Ayatollah" and it was written by Mark Bowden... you said so yourself.

Granted, it didn't adhere to your neat, tidy little worldview, so it's not actually a book like the Bible or Mein Kampf.


As an aside, you two have kept my office entertained for hours over the past couplea days. :)

Freedom Eagle said...

The Freedom Brothers are glad your co-workers are right-minded, however, we are confused as to how, as a socialist with San Francisco values, you would actually work a job instead of receiving government handouts like welfare mothers and illegal immigrants.

Mark Bowden has said himself that his book is full of lies, yet liberals like John Martin continue to ignore this fact because they want to propel our worst President to some sort of status that doesn't include "complete and total failure" since it's well accepted that JFK, Johnson, and Clinton are equally worthy of that title.

Do you, "nickflip" truly believe an American hero like Giuliani would lie about history, since he has lived it? If so, you should really start thinking about whether or not you want to call yourself an American. Socialist Quebec would accept you with open arms, I'm sure.

NickFlip said...

Let's not start with the insults... We work here in San Francisco, too. (good call, btw...)

Now then, I'd like to answer your question with one of my own: Do you think that a person who uses taxpayer money to finance adulterous trips to visit his mistress in the Hamptons deserves to be called an American Hero?

(Yes, I absolutely believe that Guiliani would lie... about pretty much anything.)

Freedom Eagle said...

Of course you would find an American hero to be a liar - you probably think Bush blew up the World Trade Center along with 80 percent of your party. You probably think Roosevelt bombed Pearl Harbor and McKinley blew up his own ship in Cuba, right?

The truth is, the same people trying to smear Rudy for knowing Ronald Reagan owned Iran are the people who created the story about the adulturous trips. They were lying then and they're lying now.

Notice how the media hasn't picked up on the story since its conception? That's because it's not true, as Giuliani has said from the start.

NickFlip said...

Well, I know Hitler burned down the Reichstag as an impetus for going to war, so who's to say it couldn't happen here, too? If that's the case, I'd say it worked out pretty well for those who are profiting from it.

Nobody's smearing Reagan, either. Just because Reagan didn't free the Iranian hostages, doesn't make him any less of a good president.

Spending more money on paint for nukes than on AIDS research did that for him... among other things.

Freedom Eagle said...

It is a sad day when The United States is compared to Nazi Germany by its own, however misguided and self-unaware turncoats they may be.

NickFlip said...

No, it's a sad day when the United States is led to an unjust, imperial war under false pretenses by "leaders" who are more interested in lining their own pockets with taxpayers' money than about the safety and well-being of the fighting men and women of our armed forces.

But, it's an even sadder day when, in the United States of America, we have an open public discourse about things like secret prisons, the suspension of habeas corpus, our government spying on it's OWN CITIZENS, and the use of torture.

When did any of these things become American values?? This is not the America I learned about in school, it's not the America that I want to live in, and it's CERTAINLY not the America that I want my children growing up in.

The Grizz said...


If you don't love your country, you should embrace your Freedom to leave whenever you'd like. Many Darfurians would happily take your place.

Fly High,
The Grizz

NickFlip said...

Oh, come on, are you really trying to play that card?? If I didn't love my country, I wouldn't care about what's happening to it, so instead of attacking me and my personal character, why not try coming up with something more well thought out than "you hate America, so leave."

You're so quick to point out how the left is the source of everything that's wrong with this country, but offer nothing more than blind support for failed policies, and thickly-spread slander to back up your opinions.

I can't figure out if I'm talking to a wannabe Ann Coulter or a wannabe Stephen Colbert here... either way, y'all needa get some new material, 'cuz this act's been done.

Freedom Eagle said...

Okay, nickflip, the fact is I LOVE my country and voted for George Bush twice, and would vote for him again if I could.

You can't call the Humanitarian Liberation of Iraq a failure. Say that to the troops. I'm SURE they'd love to hear it. And I'm SURE you've talked to some of the boys just back from Iraq and asked them all about the progress going on there.

It's a failure if Ron Paul or the democrats pull them out. These things take time. Bosnia is just starting to take form as a country and the Dayton Accords were signed in 1995. We're still in Germany and South Korea. You believe that just because you can get your McDonald's hamburger in under a minute, we should be able to bring Democracy to Iraq that fast?

liberals will bring down this country should we let them.

NickFlip said...

I'm fairly certain that if you ask the Iraqis what they call the current situation in which we've involved ourselves in their country, "Humanitarian" and "Liberation" aren't going to be part of the responses that you'll get.

Realize that these are people who hate an occupying army and a mercenary force operating outside of the jurisdiction of any governing body far more than they hate freedom, democracy, and America. Then realize that every time an Iraqi civilian is gunned down or blown up in the streets, their families, friends, and neighbors blame the US, REGARDLESS of who was actually responsible. This situation, in turn breeds more people who are willing to blow themselves up to harm America and her interests.

I promise you that if someone came and parked a tank in your street and started dragging you and your neighbors into the streets at gunpoint looking for "The Bad Guy" that you'd lose your f---ing mind and do everything in your power to fight back.

I don't know what the solution to this problem is. I know that we broke the place, so now we have to fix it. But, I also know that throwing money into what amounts to refereeing a civil war is asinine.

Fact is, you can't cut and run from something that you don't have a clear goal for. "Ending terrorism" and "Making Democracy" don't count. Not that that matters, anyway, because there's not anyone we can make peace with if we did have clear goals.

It's pretty irrational and naive to think that we could just go in and destroy a country's government and infrastructure, replace it with a puppet regime, and expect the people who lived there to just be OK with it, don'tcha think??

...almost as irrational and naive as arguing polar opposite politics over the Interet.

And another thing... telling me to "say that to the troops" amounts to a threat on my person. It's a bullying tactic equivalent to saying "I'm not gonna kick your ass, but this guy will." We are reasonable people here, so let's keep it civil, shall we?

For your information, I have several friends and family members in Iraq and they don't want to be there any more than I want them there, so don't try and speak for all of the troops at once as if you've interviewed all of them yourself.

The Grizz said...


Nobody is threatening you. The Freedom Brothers support your involvement in this website, regardless of how misinformed you are. Your heart is in the right place.

Fly High,
The Grizz

NickFlip said...

Thank you, Grizz, I'm glad you can see past my ignorance. :)