Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Politicians Talk About Peace As Civilians Get Terrorized by War

Hamas terrorists with body parts of Israelis

As Ehud Olmert had tea and scones with the corrupt "Palestinian" leadership this morning, demented terrorists in the latter’s charge besieged the working class city of Sderot, Israel with Qassam missiles launched from deep within the Gaza Strip (aka Occupied Israel). This bizarre event took place not 24 hours after courageous Israel Defense Forces launched a daring attack against Islamic Jihad's evil infrastructure in the area, and succeeded in destroying six blood-drenched militants.

This meeting comes on the heels of last month's conference at Our Navy's Citadel in Annapolis, Maryland. That love fest surely got liberal hearts thumping the world over, but unfortunately warm fuzzy coffee talks don't stop razor-sharp steel fragments thrown by exploding "Palestinians". This chat is also doomed to failure - at least, that's what every Israeli who cares about his or her family is hoping.

Are you bored listening to The Grizz saying the same thing over and over again? I won't be able to stop as long as Free World politicians praise murderers and celebrate terrorism against the civilians they represent.

Mahmoud Abbas, the "democratic" leader of "Palestine" paid out of his own pocket for the operation by Islamists that resulted in the nationally televised slaughter of 11 Israeli athletes. He laughs in the face of grieving family members as Jihadis dance in the streets of Ramallah, Gaza City, and Nablus. Worst of all, he rubbed Our President George W. Bush's face in the dirt by burning the road map to peace.

Ehud Olmert needs to stop living a lie. The people he pretends to represent don't have the luxury of tuning out politics. Circumstance has forced them against their will to perhaps the most filthy, violent and hateful place on the planet, and they must live every moment of every day wondering if this will be their son's or daughter's last.

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