Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crazy Ron Paul Believes Psychopathic Conspiracies

An article found on, written by Ron Paul, echoes his base, the 9/11 Truth movement, in saying that America is becoming a Police State.

Crazy Ron Paul writes: “Is America becoming a police state?"

Of course, the man rumored to be Schizophrenic, answers himself. "

The question is no longer rhetorical. We are not yet living in a total police state, but it is fast approaching. 

The seeds of future tyranny have been sown, and many of our basic protections against government have been undermined. The atmosphere since 2001 has permitted Congress to create whole new departments and agencies that purport to make us safer- always at the expense of our liberty. But security and liberty go hand-in-hand.”

Paul, a believer in the whacked out theory that the United States will become a North American Union with Mexico and Canada, also, in his conspiracy article, touts the idea of a National ID card.

The Freedom Brothers have counted at least five articles written by Ron Paul on

Other links on the site include “Bible Fraud”, “Future War”, and “Bushwacked”, as well as “9-11: Conspiracy”, “9-11: Cover Up”, “9-11: Crime”, and “9-11: The Enemy Within.”

It is unclear as to why Crazy Ron Paul has chosen to write on an anti-American website such as this.

Loyal Conservatives and Other Readers: On Monday, my colleague The Grizz will be reporting to you his in-depth research on Crazy Ron Paul and many of his supposed fans, who seem hell-bent on taking down The Republican Party, and America with it.

Also, stay tuned for tomorrow's Enemy of the Week.

-Freedom Eagle

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