Monday, December 10, 2007

Huckabee's Choice: Liberals Were Ready to See AIDS Run Free Rather Than Hurt Someone's Feelings - He Said "No"

Presidential Hopeful (and probably Likely) Michael Huckabee slapped his critics in the face yesterday by insisting he won't flip flop on remarks he made in 1992 calling for the isolation of those infected with AIDS. He acknowledged that at the present, we are much better informed about the causes of the HIV virus - and the dangerous, often immoral behavior that spreads it - and hence have less reason to fear and avoid the infected amongst the general population. Still, at the time, the disease trends were not yet conclusively indicative of the disease's almost exclusive presence in the homosexual and free love communities, making his comments valid and courageous.

The former Arkansas Governor explained his thinking: "I had simply made the point -- and I still believe this today -- that in the late '80s and early '90s, when we didn't know as much as we do now about AIDS, we were acting more out of political correctness than we were about the normal public health protocols that we would have acted."

He was right then. He's right now.

Today, public health officials have largely managed to control the disease in the United States through a two pronged approach: abstinence-only and abstinence-focused education for our youth, and the mass-scale dispersal of condoms among the homosexual population. The United States has proven itself to be at the forefront of AIDS control tactics worldwide - demonstrated by the plummeting numbers of infected since the time of Governor Huckabee's comments, and the rampant spread of the disease through most other countries on the planet, particularly in Africa.

On Tuesday, the homosexual advocacy group Human Rights Campaign announced that it would try and guilt Huckabee into meeting Jeanne White-Ginder, the mother of Ryan White, a youth who was infected by tainted blood during a blood transfusion in the early 1980's. The gut wrenching story of the young boy would probably provoke a reaction in ahmadinejad himself - on second thought, it probably wouldn't - but still, this scandalous, vindictive, homosexual-launched plot to slander and discredit a Republican candidate is absolutely reprehensible.

Welcome to 21st Century America - a land guided by the deviant agenda, where immorality, impropriety and political correctness are more important than saving lives or Fighting for Freedom.

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