Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nativity Scenes Terrorized

Three homes near Gainesville, Florida have been defiled of their Nativity Scenes, which depict the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who will come again in glory to judge the living and the dead, as an infant.

According to Local6.com, deputies are recommending residents to display their lawn ornaments close to the house where they can be seen from the inside.

It has become fairly obvious that the War on Christmas starts earlier and earlier every year. Anti-Christian bigotry is commonplace among leftists and secular hoodlums.

With things like The New York Times’ socialist editorial page in plain view to children and Keith Olbermann placed on prime time television, it’s no wonder anti-Religion homemade secularist terrorists are striking in our backyards. They want to wipe out Christmas in America. They want to burn your churches. They want homosexuality to be not just the norm, but the standard.

They are the base of the democrat party.


nickFlip said...

You're quick to assume that this random vandalism is the work of America-hating homosexual communists bent on terrorizing and subverting the god-fearing Rest-of-Us.

Ever consider that this "Anti-Christian bigotry" is more likely than not the work of bored teenagers?

Freedom Eagle said...

Bored teenagers? Everyone knows the anti-Christian left hates Christmas and wants to wipe it out here in America. When I look for clues to a crime, I don't play your little PC "it could be anyone" game. I look at the facts, and the facts say this was the work of ACLU-loving tree hugging secularist terrorists.

NickFlip said...

I think that if my gay hippie friends and I were going to launch a war against religion in this country, vandalizing nativity scenes in people's front yards is the last place we'd start...

Besides, I actually LIKE Christmas, so do pretty much all of the tree-huggers and secularists I know.

This whole "blogging" business is a joke, right?? You don't actually believe this stuff, do you???

Freedom Eagle said...

I have said it to the Paultards and I'll say it to you:

Since you liberals get your news and commentary from MTV (and on other rare occasions, Comedy Central), it's impossible for you to think of life, much less well-researched commentary you'd find on Freedom Brothers, as anything but a joke.

If need be, do a little more research on the War on Christmas from similar websites and you'll see a pattern. Liberals like yourself hate Christmas (besides, in your case, getting presents from your hard-working parents who you leech off of) and want it wiped out here in America.

Liberals dream of a Godless socialist haven. That's why each of their presidents wimped out to the Soviet Union during the Cold War -- because they agreed with the Evil Empire's anti-values.

This is America, nickflip, not the Soviet Union. And if I want to, I will say Merry CHRIST-Mas.

NickFlip said...

OK, no one's stopping you. Merry Christmas... I can dig that... I mean, it's Christmas we're celebrating here, right?

But, just because Rush and Bill and Sean and Ann and the crew over at Fox say there's a war on Christmas doesn't make it so...

The fact is that more than 80% of the country identifies themselves as some kind of Christian, so you have to understand when other people point at your "persecution" with amusement or contempt.

You wanna talk about persecution, ask the gays... or some black people... or pretty much anyone but white protestants, really.

SanFranSocialist said...

Down with the corporate mockery that is Christmas!!! We don't need your religious holiday to celebrate time with our family and loved ones!! Nativity scenes are for the weak minded!! FLAME FLAME FLAME on X-MAS!

bah humbug

turkeyday ftw!

i'm in ur nativity pwning ur baby jesus