Thursday, February 21, 2008

Future-President McCain "Controversy"

The Freedom Brothers have been swamped with emails this morning, asking for our take on the McCain-NY Times story. We believe it is ridiculous to even address this article, since it was written by a partisan, Stalinist newspaper, who created a fake aura on their reporting of World War I, which has lasted for decades. 

However, since it seems to be an issue to our fellow conservatives, we will address it.
Future-President McCain is the victim of a liberal smear campaign designed to put Bill's wife or B. Hussein in office, destroying everything Americans hold dear. The Times "endorsed" Future-President McCain simply so they could come out now and write lies about him. 
The Freedom Brothers understand that enemies are not to be trusted. B. Hussein's plan to embrace the little man in Occupied iran will be the end of the United States, and Bill's wife's plan to give health care to 20 million illegal immigrants will also destroy our country. 
My country 'tis of thee. Sweet Land of Liberty. 
Of thee I sing.

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