Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What Is Ron Paul Trying To Hide?

At a recent town hall meeting, Ron Paul, though in shambles and undoubtedly thinking of ways to blame America for the assassination of Lincoln and the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, was asked why he refuses to debate congressional challenger Chris Peden.

Paul's response: "I guess...I don't know what there is to debate...what is there to debate...he needs to give me an explanation as to why he's no longer a supporter." Paul, in a hysterical fit, then repeated a liberal talking point. "He needs to debate himself."
Really, "Doctor" Paul?
Maybe you and Chris could debate your consistent hatred of everything America holds dear. Your refusal to protect the unborn, your wacked-out 9/11 Truth followers, or the fact that you have consistently voted against providing our Troops with body armor. For starters.
How about your time guest-hosting Alex Jones' hate radio show, where he consistently calls Our President part of some global illuminati fan club? 
The Freedom Brothers feel strongly about Chris Peden's candidacy. Kicking Ron Paul out is the first step to securing our borders, and killing terrorists where they live. Ron Paul wants to make nice. He wants to pull Our Troops out of Iraq and wait for another terrorist attack on our home soil. Listen up Paul: Terrorists won't stop until you and your district are buried under a pile of rubble, blown to smitherines by the Iraqi WMDs that were sent to Syria. 
They have all the time in the world. They're still holding onto grudges from the 14th Century. You, however, have less than a year left in office. When the tough Texans kick you out, and you end up sleeping on Dylan Avery's couch, let him know that the only reason he hasn't been incarcerated is because no one with more than seven brain cells has taken the time to watch his slanderous, traitorous internet movie.

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