Tuesday, November 27, 2007

President Meets With Disgraced Child

Disgraced ex-Vice President and current fat global whining advocate Al Gore visited the oval office yesterday, and it’s the closest he’ll ever get to the White House.

The Associated Press reports that “Gore was among the 2007 Nobel Prize winners who were invited in for a photo and some chatter with the president; Gore got the recognition for his work on global” whining.

Bush and Gore met for a 40-minute private session, as well, where the two apparently exchanged pleasantries on Gore’s make-believe life.

Perhaps President Bush is feeling down from all the negative press he’s gotten, yet hasn’t deserved. But according to some sources, the President actually believes the hype surrounding, literally, a worldwide conspiracy.

But listen here, Gore: You can’t fool all the people all the time.

Here at Freedom Brothers, we are well aware that global "warming" was created as a wedge issue to institute a carbon tax on the rich and gain voter sympathy with the democrat Party.

Because if there’s one thing a democrat can’t stand, it’s the rich not being taxed for some made up cause.

Since releasing his supposed movie, Gore has been on the attack – attacking our president with his usual tirade about his own wrong opinions on the Iraq liberation, and attacking the liberal media for (get this!) not being liberal enough.

It’s obvious that his eight years being marginalized in the White House, along with his landslide defeat in the 2000 election has left him with more than just a stick up his you-know-what.

Now he’s out for revenge – on the media, the Republican Party, and the American voter – and he doesn’t care if he takes the country down with him.

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