Thursday, November 29, 2007

Communists Blocked the Troops For Defending Defenseless Taiwanese Civilians

Yang Jiechi, the Chinese Foreign Minister, spit in the Troops' faces today as he shot down our government's attempt to downplay his country's brazen violation of an agreement to harbor an American Carrier Group in Hong Kong's harbor. The Bush Administration, aware of the average American's disgust towards the Chinese, sought to mitigate the damage done by the hostile power by claiming their shifty behavior was the result of "a misunderstanding."

Yang set the score straight however. He pointed out that in fact, the blocking of the ships was in direct response to America's decision to provide Patriot Missile batteries to the military of Free China (Taiwan). This fully-justified arms sale would go to the almost completely defenseless island nation with the intention of providing a meager defense against its monolithic Maoist enemy, which can rain hellfire down upon its civilian population at will.

This scoundrel’s remarks leave only one question. Why in God's name would our Generals take no for an answer? These Indian Givers sign over rights to the harbor, then tell thousands of weary sailors and marines to go to hell? This is despicable.

I'm not advocating what at this point is probably a well-deserved military smackdown against the Chinese. Still, we have incredible leverage against these imbeciles. Would the Chinese be comfortable spewing this insolence if they knew that we could chop off ten billion dollars in defective pharmaceutical imports here, a few billion in lead-infused baby diapers there? Our government needs to take a stand. If we're going to let them flood our markets with their garbage products, they're going to have to give us something in return. This behavior cannot stand.

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