Thursday, November 22, 2007

America Clenches Fist, Prepares to Crush iranians

One of America's highest ranking military figures, Admiral Timothy Keating, responded today to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's claim that the United States military was "shabby" and "rusty" by confirming that it was ready to plant him seven feet deep in an unmarked grave. In fact, Admiral Keating took the opportunity to assure Americans that our Troops' capabilities are even more advanced than they were six years ago, before taking the fight to the Enemy in the Global War on Terror.

Over the past two years, it has been proven by the Bush Administration that Occupied iran is responsible for the wonton slaughter of American military personnel and civilians across Iraq. More egregiously, it is developing atomic bombs for use against American and Israeli population centers. Unfortunately, the Democratic cowards trying to run this joke of a Congress have repeatedly impeded all efforts by the US executive, judicial and military apparatus to confront the Islamist threat head on, instead relying on a varying series of back-pats, wrist-slaps and Nancy Pelosi coffee-talks to teach the iranian regime their lesson. And they’re doing this even as our Troops are chomping at the bit, ready to obliterate Little Man and liberate the Iranian people.

What has our country come to? Would our fathers and grandfathers have stood back as some fascist madman waved a nuclear bomb in our face? No. They would have gotten in a boat, sailed across the ocean and killed him.

It’s time for a change in 2008. I hope the American people are ready to make it.

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