Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Liberal Hate Monger Against Thanksgiving

This guy just doesn't know when to quit.

On the liberal hate site Huffington Post, Hollywood elitist Bill Maher, known for wishing the death of Vice President Richard Cheney and claiming the 9/11 hijackers were heroes, now says Americans should "stuff the tradition of turkey for Thanksgiving right where it belongs -- in history's trash can."

Maher should be tried for treason.

Thanksgiving is a holiday Americans have celebrated for generations upon generations. It's a chance for loving American families to take a time out from their often-too-busy lives, and simply love. That's what this is about: love.

But Maher makes a living hating others. If this were the 40s, he would have been put in a detention camp with the other spies. His liberalism is out of control. He is the poster boy for the porn generation, believing it's entitled to everything with no repercussions.

Maher, in the same article, refers to child-hating Alec Baldwin as "my fellow animal-lover and HuffPo Blogger", which suggests they are friends. Although, I find it hard to believe two men with so much hate in their heads (hate for our troops, the president, America, etc.) have the time to become friendly with each other.

He also calls on disgraced former Vice President Al Gore to become a vegetarian. The mental disorder associated with this liberal is monstrous. Doesn't this guy remember 9/11?

Vegetarianism has proven to cause a lifetime of disease - both mental and physical. This may explain Maher, a hardcore anti-American PETA nazi.

Perhaps Maher should go exactly where his last show "Politically Incorrect" went.

Happy Thanksgiving fellow conservatives, from my family to yours. Eat and be healthy.

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