Thursday, November 29, 2007

Bin Laden Gets Desperate As US Forces Close In

Al Qaeda leader osama bin laden prepared for his soon-coming death and dismemberment by the US military Thursday by claiming sole responsibility for 9/11, then threatening Limp-Wrists everywhere with similar attacks. Hilariously, he accused the United States and their NATO allies with deliberately having killed "innocent" women and children in Afghanistan.

That's what happens when you cohabitate with a walking bullseye.

We've seen it time and time again. Even as I write this, the formerly drug-addicted, fornicating alcoholic is sharing his cave with who-knows-how-many of his wives and children. Do you know how many tears would slide down my cheek if all of their lungs were sucked out of their mouths by a hyperbaric bunker buster?


From day one, this barbarian chose not make this a fight between men, but a war on our women. Now, thanks to his blood-cult's inhumane tactics, the lions of the US Army and Marine Corps get slaughtered in the feces encrusted streets of Kabul like lambs because they can't adequetly protect themselves and protect the civilian population at the same time. They forgoe their fundamental right to defense so that civilians may live.

At the same time, bin Laden and his allies surround themselves in a wall of human shields, taking our humanity for weakness. He thinks he's untouchable as long as they're around. He's wrong. Dead wrong.

Bin Laden - we're coming for you. And unless you get your family out of the rat infested pit you're huddling in, we're coming for them too.


Katinka said...

hyperbaric bunker buster- best use of alliteration i've seen in a long time....keep it coming~

The Grizz said...


Thank you for your comment. Your right to speak your mind lies at the root of what it means to be an American.

Fly High,
The Grizz