Tuesday, November 27, 2007

French Criminals Try to Murder Terrified Police Outside Paris

Deranged rioters continued their onslaught against French security services last night in the aftermath of an "accident" in which two teenaged felons killed themselves by crashing their speeding, stolen motorcycle into a police car. Villiers-le-Bel, the suburb in which the disturbances are unfolding, was nearly destroyed by its own out-of-control residents during the uninstigated mayhem that shattered the suburbs of France's largest city two years ago this month. The most recent mayhem comes as le president, the relatively rational Nicholas Sarkozy, attempts to crush a strike and subsequent terrorist campaign launched by the nation's transit workers nearly two weeks ago.

The rioters have justified their absolutely insane behavior with the claim that the two French officers in the stricken police vehicle left the suffering criminals to die by the side of the road as they made a hasty retreat from the neighborhood. Despite the fact that any other action would have been completely irrational given the now-chronic behavior of the local inhabitants, this has been disproven by multiple eye-witness accounts. Several reports indicate that the police franctically tried to resuscitate the at-fault teens, despite grave personal risk.

I hope le president takes a firm stand against these pseudo-terrorists. It's a known fact that his countrymen didn't have the courage - or the class - to stand up to al Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan, but hopefully he will take a stand against the gang of thugs that are now trying to destroy their own welfare state, starting at the government-provided homes they live in.

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