Friday, November 30, 2007

Enough is Enough

Not satisfied with the unlawful fifteen day incarceration of this woman in a Sudanese dungeon, local savages took to the streets to demand her slaughter. Chanting "No one lives who insults the Prophet" repeatedly, the creatures waved their fists and ceremonial swords.

Bad news Sudan: you may live in the 11th Century, but this particular version of it includes Pinky Wavers with anti-personnel cluster munitions. I will not weep if they choose to use them on you.

This whole situation really does my head in. It's not that I don't want to believe it - it's that it is almost impossible to fathom something like this taking place in reality. The same people that for years now have led a rape-murder campaign against 90% of its own population are actually in favor of killing a woman because their own children named a stuffed animal after their savior.

Honestly, I hope the Bad Teeth light up every city in Sudan the way they did Dresden back in the '40's. People who "respect" life as little as these people probably don't care if they live or die anyway. Ceremonial swords work a lot better on hysterical female peace workers in chains then they do on a Royal Marine with Type III body armor and a .50 cal. machine gun.

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