Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Frenchmen Sabotage Democracy

Limp-wrist communists destroyed several signaling stations around Paris this morning, grinding the already low quality TGV transportation network to a halt. Millions of siesta-takers were forced to miss out on their seven hour (minus lunch break) "work" days. Most failed to note the upside - they wouldn't have to give 90% of their day's earnings to their own welfare state, and those of a half-dozen or so impoverished Eastern European nations.

It's reported that the insurgents were prompted into action by Nikolas Sarkozy's decision to move France into the 21st century. Though le président has only been in office since May 16th of this year, he has moved assertively to repair several decades worth of anti-American policy, perhaps out of recognition that French soldiers would be eating schnitzel in concentration camp guard towers right now were it not for our Troops heroic efforts in the Second World War. He recently took a forceful stand against the well-loved Socialist policy of paying French "workers" at their full or near-full salaries from the time of their retirement to the time of their death - even if these same "workers" were only employed to the age of 50.

Sarkozy has insisted that his administration intends to persue the terrorists aggressively, calling for the deployment of specially trained police teams to hunt them down. For my part, I wouldn't mind seeing our Government offer American resources to help le président. As our commanders in the War Against Terror could certainly confirm, a hellfire missile to the face is sometimes the proverbial spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down.

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