Monday, November 19, 2007

The Kennedys: As American as the Gulag

What came first – the Kennedy dynasty or the rapid decline of moral values as we know them?

This is a question that has haunted me for some time. The Kennedys have single-handedly destroyed our country. With the 1960 election came a wave of Anti-Americanism, naïve foreign policy, and counter cultures with the ruthless pursuit of the decay of our youth’s fragile minds. And Kennedy, he welcomed these freedom-hating hippies with open arms.

With JFK’s assassination came anti-American, anti-CIA, anti-FBI conspiracy theories that gave us the worst generation, spawn of the greatest. Some of that worst generation, namely a liberal Hollywood elitist named Oliver Stone have opened up this theory to the lazy, take-everything-for-granted generation, with his anti-Democracy tirade he called a film, “JFK.”

Robert Kennedy tried to run as a populist in 1968, and is now immortalized, though he had even less career accomplishments than his 2007 empty suit equivalent, B. Hussein Obama.

Ted Kennedy is to America as cancer is to the human body: it kills it. After Teddy murdered his mistress, then lied about it, then was let off the hook by his elitist, liberal, loony cronies, he actually had the nerve to run for president twice. Though, he couldn’t figure out why. Saying you want to actually end a country’s existence to create a communist North American Union with open borders, no national language, free drug use, an anarchist state taxed into the poor house, well that’s not really going to win the heart of the average American voter. So he lied about his true pursuit.

But if Teddy had ever been honest, he’d be in jail.

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