Tuesday, November 20, 2007

John Kerry "Swift Boated" Himself When He Lied About Our Troops

Whether he's calling our brave, admirable troops terrorists, or calling them stupid, it's obvious Kerry has had a 40 year vendetta against our fighting men and women.

And now he's at it again.

T. Boone Pickens - businessman, billionaire, great American - has said he would pay $1 million to anyone who could prove that the Swift Boat Veterans For Truth gave false statements during their honorable service to this country during the 2004 elections.

It's safe to say they saved the country from at least two more 9/11-style terrorist attacks.

Anyway, the Winter Soldier himself has decided to take up the offer. What, the ketchup money rolling in isn't enough for you? Can't get by on your congressional pay, John?

It's obvious, however, that this is simply a publicity stunt because John Kerry is worried about losing his senate seat in the 2008 elections, as his approval ratings in Tax-achusetts are well below 50 percent. If it weren't all about publicity, then why would he wait so long to refute the Swift Boat Veterans - other than there being free money involved?

Democrats play the victim card like it's their job. In 2000, when Bush won a clear victory over Al Gore, the Democrats made up a story about the Supreme Court handing Bush the election. When Bush beat Kerry by a landslide in 2004, with a mandate from the American people, has-been environazi and convicted drug fiend Robert Kennedy, Jr. wrote an article supposedly contesting the election results. The reputable journal of American politics he chose to write his article in? Rolling Stone.

Now, "Swift Boating" has become a propagandous term used by Democrats while they accuse each other of falsely attacking. What they fail to realize is that the Swift Boat attacks weren't your run-of-the-mill political triangulation attacks, they worked because they were true, and the accusers were honest, trustworthy, non-partisan military veterans. The warrior class.

But then again, Democrats admittedly hate our troops, so who can really blame them?

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