Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Palestinians Protest Peace

As millions of Israeli citizens solemnly considered what concessions they were ready to make for peace yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians first protested, then rioted, then proceeded to kill each other at the very thought of the Jewish state continuing to exist in a final status agreement between the two peoples' representatives in Annapolis. Despite all the odds, President George W. Bush had been able to bring the two governments together for the largest negotiations conference since egoist Bill Clinton forced talks in 1998, plunging the region into its bloodiest conflict in decades.

President Bush's historic accomplishment is due in large part to one courageous decision: he would graciously allow the representatives of terrorist regimes like that of Syria to show their ski-masked faces at the conference - not to mention on the hallowed soil of the American homeland - in the hopes of addressing their ludicrous demands and accusations without having to put Tomahawk cruise missiles through their bedroom windows.

Unfortunately, the behavior of the Palestinian public at large speaks for itself. George Bush and the Israelis can do the right thing over and over and over again, but if the legitimacy of the only people willing to do business with them is rooted in the fact that they prefer that their terrorism not involve suicide, nothing is going to get accomplished.

There is some good news though. It seems that if the Israelis are ready to bow out of the violence in Judea, Samaria and Gaza, the Palestinians can engage in their national passtimes (hating, widespread civil disorder, terrorism, unemployment and political corruption) on their own.

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