Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Europe Works with Gay Congressman to Legalize Vice in the US

Reuters reports that Peter Mandelson, the Commissioner of the (sham) European Union met with homosexual Tax-achusetts Senator Barney Frank earlier this month to encourage the losening of US laws prohibiting European companies from providing online gambling services to Americans. Mandelson, an Englishman, claims that our government is in fact discriminating against Europeans' opportunity to conduct business freely within our borders.

I have bad news Mandelson. We've already yielded enough of our rights to the ruddy-faced parka-wearers up north and the sweaty burrito eaters down south. I don't care what kind of pillow talk you're having with Frank. The hard working American has had enough of this GNP crushing job give-away. Don't plan on us flapping a wrist limply and tossing aside our passports to become the 28th nation to sacrifice its identity, its rights and, most of all, its living.

The pinky-wavers think that by talking to the marginalized liberals in our government, they're going to be able to roll right in and open a whorehouse on every other corner. They take it for granted that we're weak willed like they are themselves - the kind of people who go into a war fought for democracy itself expecting to be home for tea time with Granny.

Frighteningly enough, if Barack Hussein or Clinton II can smile their way past American values and get elected, Bad Teeth may well get his wish against the will of the American people after all. This is why we need someone with proven tenacity to run our country - someone like Rudy Giulliani, or John McCain. If you can stand up to a suicidal fanatic or a Vietcong torture session, by God you won't bend over to a European siesta-taker.

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