Tuesday, November 20, 2007

International Emmy Awards: Fraud and Treason-Fantasy Win Big

Environmental Sham Artist Al Gore and the Anti-American Profiteer Gabriel Range took home the gold at the 2007 International Emmy Awards Monday for their work producing liberal mouthpiece Current TV and the Presidential assassination wet dream "Death of a President" respectively.

Al Gore took the opportunity to whine about "the environmental crisis" that he has continuously accused the American people of causing over the last few years. After he was finished making his half-baked, self-glorifying claims, his colleague at Current TV, drug-addicted serial divorcee Robert de Niro, took the opportunity to perpetuate the myth that Gore was somehow "voted out of office by the Supreme Court" and not by the informed public.

The conspiracy against the American lifestyle and government continued with the awarding of "Best TV Movie or Miniseries" to "Death of a President" - a slanderous Limp-Wrist European Made-for-TV film. The film depicts the US as some sort of fascist entity after law enforcement officials accidentally convict an outspoken, cold-blooded Islamic terrorist instead of the actual perpetrator - a mentally ill person.

I have to say, had I chosen to watch this joke of an "awards" ceremony, I would have noticed that it would have had the exact same winners list as the "International Liars and Left Wing Propaghanda Awards". Luckily, I didn't.


Anonymous said...

You are an clueless idiot, "Grizz", a drooling, off the shelf idiot. Wake up and smell the global warming, fool.


The Grizz said...


Your comment is appreciated. Unfortunately, your sham of an existance is not.

Fly High,
The Grizz

Freedom Eagle said...

Hey D.B. --

Just because you and your tiny circle of friends believe in global warming, that doesn't make it so. It's called junk science and it has no place in America.