Friday, November 30, 2007

Enemy of the Week: Ron Paul

When Ron Paul gained national attention for lying at the Republican debate, saying 9/11 was blowback for trying to liberate the middle east, rather than the well-established fact that they hate our values and freedom, he stabbed every American in the back.

This 9/11 Truther regularly appears on the radio show of one Alex Jones, owner of, and head of the 9/11 Conspiracy crowd. Jones broadcasts from Austin, Texas, and admittedly hates his country. Paul embraces his compliments.

Here is an example of a typical quote from Alex Jones: "What a bunch of garbage; liberal, democrat, conservative, Republican. It's all there to control you! Two sides of the same coin. Two management teams bidding for control, the CEO job of Slavery, Incorporated! The truth is out there in front of you, but they lay out this buffet of lies. I'm sick of it, and I'm not going to take a bite out of it, do you got me?"

Ron Paul, a supposed Republican, has created an internet following of America-haters, 9/11 Truthers, NAFTA Superhighway conspiracy junkies, white supremacists, and Islamic terrorists. Each time he is given time to speak in a debate, Ronald Reagan dies a little more.

At the last CNN/YouTube debate, in response to John McCain’s courageous accusation that Paul's line of thinking, correctly, is as responsible for World War II as Hitler, Paul cowardly said: “I don’t want to send our troops overseas.”

Really Ron? I tell you what, next time one of your 9/11 Truth freaks has his head cut off (that is, after the Democrats hand the government over to the terrorists) because our troops weren’t fighting them over there so we wouldn’t have to fight them over here, you tell me you still stand by your isolationist stance. Ron Paul will destroy everything George Bush has created over the last seven years. All the good, all the free people, all the liberties we enjoy:


Paultards are the new Chamberlains.

The Freedom Brothers know, for a fact, that if the Paul-Kerry-Pelosi-Kennedy stance were to be enacted, there would be daily terrorist attacks in the United States.

You think they make Baghdad look bad on liberal propagandist hate network CNN? Think of daily 9/11-style terrorist attacks in suburban towns. That’s what this country would look like had Al Gore been elected in 2000, and that's what it will look like with the laughable phrase, "President Paul."

Paultards shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves Republicans.

Ron Paul has a warped sense of the world, and would kill our economic structure were he to be elected president. Then again, unlike war hero John McCain, he’s never even broken the double digits in the polls. Turns out there aren’t enough 9/11 Truthers out there to give 9/11 hero Rudy Giuliani even a scare.

Ron Paul - you are the Enemy of the Week


Da Do Run Ron said...

If Ron Paul hates America so much how come the military donate more money to him than to any other candidate? Are you saying the military also hate America?

I'm sorry. I don't take kindly to anyone attacking the brave men and women in uniform who defend America.

J said...

Hahaha, wow. Love it.

Zachary Drummond said...

Are you aware that Ron Paul and Reagen were personal friends who supported each other politically?

Galtt said...

In fact, Paul endorced Reagan very early - he was 1 of only 4 Republican Congressmen to endorse Ronald Reagan for president against Gerald Ford in 1976.

Ron Paul just seems to "get it" much earlier than the rest of the pack. That is what leaders do.

Eventually the rest of the Republicans will come on board & follow Paul; now as they did then...

Calvin Jones said...

When Ron Paul gained national attention for lying at the Republican debate, saying 9/11 was blowback for trying to liberate the middle east, rather than the well-established fact that they hate our values and freedom, he stabbed every American in the back.


is that sarcam?

'well established fact'


Julie said...

Your kidding, right?

This is a joke, right?

You can't possibly be serious, right?

In your logic, three rights make a wrong (well established "fact"), so we must all be out of our minds to believe in and support the restoration of our Constitution.

Tsk, tsk. Such a silly hit.

Anonymous said...

This person really needs to stop drinking the Neo-con koolaid. Reagan Dies a little more? Hell Reagan saw the error he made in the Middle east after 200+ service men were killed. Bush is willing to send additional 5,000 to thier deaths for what? To protect our freedoms he pisses on daily? Instead we have to complete the mission! Isnt the mission over? what is the mission? The "So called surge" is working, great! Bring the boys home. Like Paul said, return the country to the Iraqi people.

Anonymous said...

How to Whip This Ron Paul Character and All His Wacky Followers.

Ron Paul can be defeated by ignorance. Ignore him if you can.
By lies. Misrepresent his positions whenever possible.
By word gaming. As Lenin advised, “First, confuse the vocabulary.”
By contempt. Dismiss him as amusing and pathetic.
By smearing his supporters. Find the worst and spotlight them. Call them a cult.
By consensus. Dismiss him with peer-pressure ridicule.
By false accusations. Spread them quickly and far.
By never discussing his policies. Change the subject to his person.
By the polls. Ask the right people the right questions and get the answer you want.
By reporting his most unpopular votes. But don’t report his reasoning.
By rudeness. Wreck any debate where his ideas are winning.
With all these tools, he can be easily defeated. Use them generously.
But Ron Paul cannot be defeated by refuting him in an honest and courteous technical debate. Avoid that.

- Moderno Machiavelli

People who seek to be led, will find their leader, ignoring the whispers of confusion spewing out the mouths of the true evil doers.

Mudmarine said...

Sir, Calm down, it's ok, stop pacing the floor between sentences.
You should, in the future, take you medication BEFORE you start writing. Ron Paul is a great conservative American vetran. Dr.Paul didn't make up the word blowback it's word the CIA used.
There was a book written on it.
If you can stay calm enough, you might be able to find it, it's titled "B L O W B A C K"
I have listened to Alex Jones a few times, he is very intense. He is relentlous in what he does and believes. So in the future, you should double your dose before listening again. From what I heard, he loves this Country but hates what is happening to her. He supports Paul because Bush is pretty much destroying this Country from within by spitting on the Constitution, doing nothing about illeagal immigration, spending this Country to depths of literally no return. Is it any wonder why Bush has the lowest approval rating in American history. Your right, Reagan's dream is dying more and more and Bush's fingerprints are all over that knife. Remember, seven years into Reagan's term, His approval rating was one of the hightest in American history. Chuck Hagel, a very respected REPUBLICAN Senator, called President Bush TODAY, the worst President in American history. Bush has destoyed what the Republican Party used to stand for and has gauranteed a Democratic landslide in Congress next year. Bush is the one acting like Hitler by recklesly invading every Country he can and now has His eyes on Iran. Hitler launched His invasion campaign after the Reichstag fire. Did you know it was recently admitted that He ordered the Reichstag attack and blamed it on the Communists so He could get approval to launch the invasions. Do you think the same thing was done...(i won't go there). But just because Paul was on his program doesn't make Him a conspiracy theorist. If you think George Bush created a free people over there that enjoy the liberties we enjoy here, you are folishly mistaken. What He created over there is a Police State, that's all. Our troops are spread too thin all over the world, while oue borders are left wide open. Mr. Paul is right, and Fred Thompson said the same thing the other night, we will cease to be a nation if our borders are not secured. Ron Paul WILL secure them. Ron Paul has recieved more money from military families than ANY other candidate. Mr. Paul isn't an isolationist. Like Reagan, He believes in diplomacy first. Remember, Reagan brought down the Soviet Union without firing a shot. Paul will kill our economic structue??????? Are you kidding me? Our economy is in chaos now! 1 in every 500 homes in Amerca NOW! are in foreclosure, our bridges are falling down (while we rebuild them in Iraq and Afghan), gas is over $3 a gal, our dollar is worth 30% less since Bush has been in office, around a hundred lending institutions have gone under with this real estate meltdown. Which will get a lot worse. The only one that has balls big enough to stop the the Dems in there tracks when they get there landslide victory in Congress will be Ron Paul. The last I checked, He may well excede 12 million dollars in the 4th quarter, all from grassroot donations. He will stay in this race while the other candidates start dropping out.

Freedom Eagle said...

Thank you all for your so-called inspired comments.

However, anyone who supports Ron Paul, you hate America and hate the troops with the utmost passion. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

john h said...

Anyone with a mind as closed as yours, mr. freedom eagle, is the true cause of destruction in this world.

edward said...

This has got to be a joke. Haha good one.

owen said...

U.S.A.F. Honorably Discharged veteran here..Vietnam Era.

You're out of your mind, you have no idea WHAT you're talking about..

You're just worried that a real change in venue will upset your hopes of hitting it big on Wall Street. I get an invite to Microsoft's stockholder's meeting every year. Don't hold your breath, chief.
Ron Paul is the only decent candidate we've had in years..and I voted for Bush.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how it's become un-American to support the Constitution. I don't agree with all of Ron Paul's points, but in no way would I consider a man who defends the Constitution more than any politician of hating America.

The first paragraph is in error. There is no proof that Paul "lied" in saying that 9/11 was a result of blowback, just as there is no proof that 9/11 happened because "they hate us for our freedoms". The paragraph is very subjective. If you introduce logic, however, the blowback argument is much more plausible that the other.


The Grizz said...

Dear Owen,

Thank you for your service. It's only because of individuals like yourself that I have the right to express myself freely and enjoy all of my Freedoms as an American. Still, I must respectfully disagree with your deeply irrational support for a man who hates the Troops and accuses selfless public servants like yourself, past and present, of slaughtering three thousand innocent civilians on September 11, 2001. Please honor those lives lost that day, just as I honor you.

Fly High,
The Grizz

Anonymous said...

Who are you voting for Grizz? Ron Paul gets more money from service members then any other candidate republican or democrat. So although somehow you have misinterpreted Dr. Pauls patriotic feelings for our troops, most of our public servants homw and abroad support him. Most people support him because he is real and principled. You may not agree with everything he says but you can trust him. You never know, we may all have bought the idea that peace through force works but may be wrong and are all slowly waking up to Ron Pauls truth that trade and commerce build more allies then nation occupying, and spreading democracy by force that no nation or individual wouldn't believe we are there for our own special interests. Terror is a tool not only used by terrorist but exploited by governmeents to manipulate you into accepting the sacrifices of freedom for security.
Did you believe in the boogieman too when your mommy said he was in the closet? Maybe she just didn't want you to see your christmas presents. Although terrorists are real they are being exploited for a specific agenda. Stop being scared. Maybe you understand it now when a good man said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Because that is when americans stop thinking straight and freely hand our government the civil liberties our founding fathers died for.
Wake up