Monday, November 19, 2007

Liberal Movie Insults Troops

Why does Hollywood hate America so much?

As reported by The Politico, “After months of controversy, scathing reviews, a fight with his own distributor and calls for a boycott by Fox News’ bully with a pulpit, Brian DePalma’s movie about the Iraq war — “Redacted” — finally opens in 16 theaters today.”

The movie centers around last year’s supposed “Mahmuditah killings” where a 14 year-old girl was supposedly killed by an American soldier.

Listen up Hollywood: This is war! People die! If you hate America and our troops so much, to fictionalize one story of the war into obscurity, maybe you should move to France. You’ll still have Cannes.

If DePalma wasn’t a Dixie Chick in disguise, biased against our troops, values, heroes, and conservative leaders, he’d make a movie about all the good things happening in Iraq. Why doesn’t the media want to report the Iraqi troops standing up to the terrorists? How about a movie about the killings that go on in cities where Democrats are in charge?

They don’t report on it because they hate the president, Republicans in general, and our fighting men and women, the ones who keep us safe from the terrorists while we sleep.

The media wants their socialist, liberal, Stalinist utopia to come true, so they do things like metaphorically spit in our soldiers’ faces with their movies, and make jokes about their supposed lack of elitist education.

And I’m sure DePalma has a movie about Bill Clinton’s various rape and murder victims in the works.

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