Monday, November 26, 2007

Update: Liberal Hate Bombs At Theaters

De Palma better have "Scarface 2" in the works if he ever wants to rebound from this atrocity.

According to The New York Post, "Redacted", the liberal movie which spews poisonous venom into the eyes of our troops fighting overseas so anti-Americans like De Palma can have the right to insult them this way, took in less than $26,000 in its opening weekend.

That's like Gigli bad. Worse, actually.

With overwhelming support for our troops and their mission overseas, it seems unlikely that the elites in Hollywood could make any cash at all off the public, who since the days of Jane Fonda, have rejected them consistently.

According to non-partisan movie critic Michael Medved, "Redacted" "“could be the worst movie I've ever seen."

Here's what liberals don't get: America loves the troops and loves winning, especially when winning means literally handing freedom to those who love freedom. No one wants to hear about the lies of a supposed rape that may or may not have happened in Iraq. In fact, piling evidence has begun to show that no such incident ever occurred.

So you know that once this conspiracy theory gets debunked, John Murtha will be accusing our troops of cold blooded killings.

And to think liberals believe they're going to take the White House in 2008 when their base openly hates the troops.

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