Friday, November 23, 2007

Enemy of the Week: Joe Francis

Mothers... Lock up your daughters. Joe Francis is Enemy of the Week.

You might know this dirtbag better by the filthy product he unleashed upon society than by the stupid smile on his face. Francis is the pornographer responsible for the Girls Gone Wild exploitation series, which features intoxicated young women goaded into getting naked on video.

It was reported Friday that Francis has accused officials at Grady County Law Enforcement Center of threatening to strap him to a chair naked for 48 hours while he was in jail earlier this month on tax evasion charges. Now, to be fair, since this is America and this walking, talking piece of garbage is (unfortunately) not an enemy combatant, he is entitled to some rights.

Still, shouldn't our standards of what is cruel and unusual be subject to the cruelty and unusualness of the prisoner in question? I, for one, don't see how a man who's made (untaxed) millions off of uncompensated nude young girls has the nerve to protest what was simply a threat of going naked.

Joe Francis - you are Enemy of the Week.


Anonymous said...

Obviously he has a small dick. It explains not only why he's so afraid to get naked, but also why he's so interested in exploiting and practically dehumanizing women.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps because it's been made under the threat of force, while anybody in his videos has gotten naked of their own free will?

Anonymous said...

i dont think he was drunk enough

Anonymous said...

I just had to point out that his millions were not in fact "untaxed", or he would not have gone to jail for tax evasion...he just didn't pay the taxes.

The Grizz said...

Dear Anonymous (4),

Touche. My error stands corrected.

Fly High,
The Grizz