Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Liberals Admit: Baghdad Liberated

After 5 long years of doubting our Troops' courageous dedication and the Bush Administration's steadfast determination, the left wingers at the New York Times have finally admitted the truth: the terrorists are in defeat and the Iraqi people are free. The surge has provided the eons-old Iraqi civilization with the chance to overcome the murderous craze of violent Islam, and given them the chance to move forward into a new, democratic era.

If the liberals had paid attention to the Bush administration from the beginning, instead of ignoring the experts - our Generals on the ground - two, maybe three years of savage murder perpetrated by their Naziesque foes could have been averted. Even as our troops unflinchingly faced the daily chaos without even a murmur of desent, the left-wingers in congress (that frigid 'witch' Nancy Pelosi & her gang) cowed to the Enemy. It's a good thing nobody handed them a rifle.

Well, thanks New York Times. Thanks CNN. Your acknowledgement of reality proves that you aren't liars after all. Just cowards.

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