Monday, November 19, 2007

Overweight Communist and Pasty Fascist Threaten US, Ignore Impending Demise

Fat bastard Hugo Chavez and his little friend, that puke Ahmadinijad, lambasted the Bush Administration on Monday from Saudi Arabia. The dictator spoke alongside the President of Occupied iran after a conference of oil-racket OPEC in Riyadh Saturday during which he threatening hard-working Americans across the country with $200 per barrel oil prices.

"Soon we will not talk about dollars because the dollar is falling in value and the empire of the dollar is crashing," Chavez said. He failed to note when the Venezuelan bolívar, currently valued at 0.000466 of one US Dollar, would become the standard currency for international business.

The 5-foot-something drink of water by his side echoed his sentiments, referring to the dollar as "a worthless piece of paper." He also - logically - failed to notice the logical implication: his suggestion would place the value of the iranian Rial at 1/9,334 of nothing.

I find it strange that autocrats around the world are still banking their countries and their lives on the underdog gimick. I have news for you Big Boy - it didn't work for the Chicago Cubs and it didn't work for Saddam. If you and Little Man keep up your two prong plan of building weapons of mass destruction and threatening the lives of innocent American citizens, you're going to end up standing (sans-smile) on the gallows getting taunted by Shiites.

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