Monday, November 26, 2007

Idiot to Campaign for Loser in Three States

Spotlight hog Oprah Winfrey will hit the campaign trail for wet blanket Hussein Obama next month, the Boston Globe reported today. Despite polls showing that aside from delusional maniac Ron Paul, the vast majority of republican candidates will crush any Democrat in the general election, the gazillionaire exploitationist will stake her reputation on endorsing the future political graveyard occupant. Winfrey is an outspoken left-wing "feminist", which actually makes her decision more surprising - intuitively, one would have thought she'd come out supporting Bill Clinton's Wife.

Winfrey has built a multi-million woman following across North America by alternately playing off females' sense of inadequacy and skewering easy targets like scam artist James Frey. This time around, she suprisingly chose not to take the easy way out, instead turning to a man facing likely humiliation before he even has the chance to face a Republican. She must be listening to that little voice in her head.

It's saying, "Hey, you never know."

Unfortunately, this isn't some lottery commercial. This is the United States of America - a conservative country that values actual values, not the perspective of wishy-washy ex-drug abusers. Still, Oprah has made humongous sums of money off of people like Hussein, so it makes sense, unlike so much of the liberal agenda.


Anonymous said...

Referring to Obama by his middle name is supposed to fuel what purpose?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's obviously there to associate him with Islam and THEREFORE THE ENEMY BECAUSE ALL ISLAMIC PEOPLE ARE EVIL OH NOES GO USA GO USA GO USA BOMB EM ALL!!!11!ONE

Remember folks, when you don't have a real argument, the following can be used to push your agenda: A condescending tone of voice (see "delusional maniac", "graveyard occupant" and "facing likely humiliation"), author's assumptions treated as undeniable fact (see "lottery commercial" and "conservative country"), empty, noble sounding blanket statements about the USA (see "values actual values"), and references to the evil/stupidity of the "liberal agenda" without supporting examples.

The Grizz said...

Dear Anonymous (1),

I'm merely stating facts. If you don't like facts, read another blog.

Fly High,
The Grizz

The Grizz said...

Dear Anonymous (2),

If I were trying to associate Hussein Obama with Islam, I'd point out the years of education he received at a fundamentalist madrassah in Asia. And for the record, the Freedom Brothers advocates the liberation of Muslims all across the Middle East, and supports the efforts of the freedom fighters of the Iraqi Army and Iranian opposition movement.

Fly High,
The Grizz

Bison said...

Dear "The Gizz"

Your kind of vulgar and simplistic "writing" is almost comical.
You sound so frightened and angry at the world, I kind of feel sorry for you.
Thank you for waisting my time with your childish and unenlightened remarks, now would you please go play in some sandbox and stop pretending that you can write a blog.
P.S. Just out of curiosity, is your head going to explode if a Democrat wins the white House next year?
If so, I can think of no better reason to vote Democrat in 2008!

The Grizz said...

Dear Bison,

Hypothetically, should the democrats scam their way to an absolutely impossible democratic victory, my head will actually implode, just like the United States of America.

Fly High,
The Grizz

Freedom Eagle said...

Bison --

You're really pushing your luck by even mentioning a democrat stealing another election. Anti-Americanism won big in 92 and 96, but America has woken up to the hate and lies coming from the left, which is why you'll never see another (D) in the White House again, and it's possible they're about to be trounced from congress in 2008.

Anonymous said...

Bison, you spelled wasted "waisted" wrong. Your "simplistic" writing is laughable, be sure to proofread before posting something critical.

Jeff said...

Freedom eagle, the grizz. Why don't you go make some toast. I bet you are just a bunch of illegal immigrants posing as white nationals to give your willys a little tickle. Next time you think you want to post something intelligent just pause, regroup, and go here