Thursday, November 29, 2007

CNN Tries To Hurt Democracy

Liberal hate network, CNN, has been exposed for planting liberals in its audience to trip up the Republican candidates.

As reported on a number of websites, including The Politico, Michelle Malkin, and competing liberal network, MSNBC, several liberal hate activists asked questions to the Republican candidates last night, via YouTube and in the audience.

Liberal hate has been documented in the media time and time again. Don't they understand that average, conservative, hard-working, values Americans are onto them?

For shame.

Bush has had to deal with the biased White House press, while Clinton received a free pass. Anti-war Maoist John Kerry was all but cheered on by CBS and NBC throughout that supposed "nail biter" (those of us who paid attention could have called the eventual landslide victory for Bush in 2003).

But this is what we get with old media: hatred, greed, indolence.

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edward said...

who cares? if we can't answer liberal's questions, we don't deserve to govern.