Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mother Attempts To Kill Children; Liberals Celebrate

In a preview of things to come if God decides to punish the world again and put a democrat in office, a woman attempted to kill her children today by buying them a one-way ticket with oncoming traffic.

As pinko-liberalism has turned our country into an organ-harvesting concentration camp where human life has as much significance as sewage, Khandi Busby, 27, decided to toss her children off an overpass in Dallas Texas, like garbage.

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Freedom Eagle believes Busby should be put to death, but does not think she is entirely to blame. Liberals have made the womb a hostile war zone for infants and fetuses, believing each rotting corpse outside genocide clinics a trophy.

In our ‘toss away’ society, if you get into an argument with your spouse you can divorce her using a liberal attorney, or get the marriage annulled by paying off a corrupt, liberal judge. You don’t like being pregnant? Go ahead and get Dr. Kevorkian’s protégé to tear your child -- with a soul -- out of your body and force a scissor through its tiny, crying face.

There was a time in America when Ronald Reagan, a family man, was looked at as a hero by American children and the elderly alike. Today’s greatest generation take time out of putting satanic music on their iPods only to emulate the crippling stunts performed on Jackass.

The Freedom Brothers are sure Teddy Kennedy and John “Purple Heart” Kerry couldn’t help but to roll over in joyous laughter after getting out of their motel bed when they saw today’s headline on Freedom Brothers. “Finally, an eighteenth trimester abortion.”

George Will once said the conservatives won the 1964 election, as it was recounted over the following 30 years, with 20 of Republican rule. As much as we’d like to believe Will’s assessment, liberals are winning the culture war and slowly turning American weddings and American family Sunday Barbecues into the Maoist pastime of deadly beatings at Red Guard gunpoint.

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