Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let Us Win

Over the static of brainwashed children screaming “Yes We Can,” over the squealing, dying cat sounds of the “First viable female nominee,” and over the radical anti-Constitution fundamentalists screaming “Reinvestigate 9/11,” there is a conversation brewing. It’s been quietly stirring for months.


And now, with America’s most important election since 1984 coming up, those voices are being heard – “Let us win.”

It’s coming from the foot soldiers in Young Republican meetings around the country, from the halls of congress, from every blue collar American worker who’s been given the shaft by the elitist democrats who’ve sought to take rights away from small businesses and tax hard working Americans into the poor house.

It’s coming from the front lines of Baghdad. From now-secure, once-terrorist havens in Afghanistan, Somalia.

Let us win.

And it’s sweeping the nation.

As a young John McCain was beaten for days on end in Hanoi, his fellow citizens marched on the White House as Our President, Richard Nixon sought to only save the Vietnamese people from communism. These anti-American citizens cheered on the communists. They broke bread with Soviets.

All the while, McCain stayed strong. As they beat him senseless, he bled red, white and blue. While they electrocuted his buddies, they chanted, “USA! USA!”

And as they came home, they looked at the democrats who cut off their funding and vowed to never again allow America’s party of defeat to force us to lose another war.

There’s a conversation starting. A way of thought.

A way of life.

Let us win.

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