Monday, March 10, 2008

Betrayal: New York's democrat Governor Had Sex with Prostitutes

"I will be faithful to you always."

John Jay is rolling over in his grave.
The New York Times is reporting that Governor Eliot Spitzer (d-NY) is an adulterer who had sex with one or more prostitutes while his wife and three children slept at home. You might remember Spitzer better as the former Attorney General of the left-wing bastion in which he resides. Some of his most-lauded achievements during that phase of his sham of a career include the prosecution of criminals breaking the very same laws he is now proven to have violated.
Apparently, Spitzer was caught red-handed by the Federal Authorities, who recorded him on wiretap as he arranged a sex session with a whore during a business trip to Washington D.C. Whether prior transgressions occurred in the Executive Mansion or elsewhere on state property remains unclear. Unfortunately, CNN has been able to confirm that the wench bedded by Spitzer cost upwards of $5,500 of tax-payer's hard-earned money an hour.
This is a slap in the face to his wife Silda, his daughters Elyssa, Sarabeth, and little Jenna, and hard-working Americans everywhere, regardless of where amongst the United States' purple mountain majesty they dwell.
Currently, details are scarce, but you can rest assured that the Freedom Brothers will keep you well-informed as this sordid, but unfortunately very predictable story develops.
UPDATE: Spitzer just made a brief, incredibly unconvincing apology to his scorned family and state. A haggard, broken looking Silda Spitzer stood by his side, forced by her husband to trade in her honor so he could save face.

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