Thursday, March 20, 2008

Future-President Owns B. Hussein

While the liberals have proven themselves racists, cowards, and impotents, Future-President McCain is riding strong, opening double digit leads over both candidates, according to a Rammusen poll.

B. Hussein foolishly tried to proxy-mock the war hero for correctly saying Iran is training al Qaeda, ready to wash American streets in blood, and McCain simply shrugged the most-liberal hatist senator’s comments off, presidentially. “Hell, we’ll just move on.”

B. Hussein was seen taking a break from doing the moonwalk on graves in Arlington National Cemetery when Future-President McCain proudly scolded him, "It's very clear that I have a lot of experience in Iraq…It is very clear to most objective observers that the surge has succeeded where others predicted it would fail."

Our Future-President also visited our boys in Iraq and Israel this week.

McCain spoke truth to power when he said Iran is training al Qaeda, a fact that is well documented.

When the president of Occupied iran came to America, he wished to put a wreath at Ground Zero, praising the terror which took place there. He is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. little man is lucky he didn’t end his trip with a beard of shrapnel over his pre-grown terrorist chic, his carcass hanging from the Brooklyn Bridge, wrapped in a blood-drenched American flag.

The Freedom Brothers know that a terrorist is a terrorist, no matter how you look at it. little man in Occupied iran will take all the extremists he can get – “Sunni” and “Shia” – since all terrorist groups and liberal-identified “insurgent” groups retain the top priority of bathing in American blood and killing our children, as they did on 9/11.

Never again.

Those of us who have paid attention to the facts, and not B. Hussein’s racist Muslim pastor, understand the real threat we face. Future-President McCain understands this. And he won’t stop until he’s sitting in the driver’s seat on Air Force One, wearing Osama bin Laden’s scalp as a hat, tipping it to his fellow pilots in the accompanying NORAD jets.

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