Monday, March 10, 2008

Ron Paul Acknowledges that He's Failed His Followers, Himself

Ron Paul effectively quit his run for the Presidency this morning, acknowledging that he's a failure, but also that he still believes Americans need to lose the Iraq War, and that Our President George W. Bush ordered The Troops to murder thousands of the innocent civilians he rules over on 9/11. During an interview with the liberal cable news outlet CNN, the Good Doctor insisted that despite the fact that he failed himself in his Presidential campaign, his "campaign [to destabilize the United States] is never over.”

Finally, Paul's conspiracy-fueled, anti-American, anti-Semitic past has caught up with him. The Grizz told you right from the start: building a successful Presidential campaign upon a 9/11 Truth foundation would be like building The Freedom Tower on a sand dune. It's a proven fact that hard-working Americans don't support a man who believes in dismantling the government, the universal legalization of narcotics, the building of an abortion clinic on every corner, and outright surrender to Our Enemies.

It seems like the only thing Crazy Ron doesn't believe in is himself.

You can rest assured that Ron Paul's personal misfortune will multiply in the coming weeks and months. Stay with the Freedom Brothers as we comprehensively detail the ultimate disgrace; the end of his reign over his home district in November's general election.

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