Friday, March 21, 2008

Bizarrely, Egyptians Take a Stand Against Terror

"Hi, Saddam? I'll be right down!"
Confusing reports emerged today that Egypt, homeland of blood-thirsty hijacker Mohammad Atta, has been torturing several of their Hamas terrorist allies, whom they apprehended during the Gaza Border Breach Bonanza in January. Whether or not The Grizz would try to squeeze a single drop of salt water from his face was not in question, though what exactly constituted said "torture" was.

The Freedom Brothers recently touched on the inconsistency of Islamists in regards to torture (being in a room with a menstruating female, yes; sawing a bound and screaming man's head from his torso in a dungeon, no), so we'll wait to hear the Egyptian authorities take before evaluating the situation. One way or another, neither The Grizz or Freedom Eagle is crying over spilt milk. As long as America's reputation remains untarnished, it isn't of much concern whether or not a barely functioning dictatorship is abusing hell-bent Terrorists originating in Occupied Gaza - an overpopulated, festering wasteland pragmatically jettisoned by a larger, more prosperous Democracy.

As it turns out, there was even more good news coming out of the region today. Hilariously, two Hamas insurgents hopped on the express train to Paradise when they dismembered themselves in an incident the left-wing media referred to as an "accidental explosion," but the Freedom Brothers called "deliverance of supreme justice by an all-powerful God."


According to the Jerusalem Post, hysterical Terrorists ran around in tears, trying their best to keep photographers and other journalists away from the scene, obviously aware of the massive embarrassment this would cause them. Unfortunately, their best efforts were in vain, and they were humiliated before tens, probably hundreds of millions of viewers worldwide.

The Freedom Brothers encourage the Terrorists to seek better training before attempting to handle dangerous items in the future. There's no way for The Troops to take the fight to them if they go killing themselves before the starting bell.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

Does your mother's dick fit in your daddy's pussy?

The Grizz said...


This is who we're dealing with - liberals who fight Facts with slander. The Freedom Brothers will let Americas Enemies speak for themselves.

Fly High,
The Grizz

4peace said...

grizz, i agree. this sort of unintelligent language doesn't get us anywhere.

anonymous, fight with facts. there are plenty. read a book if you have to.