Thursday, March 13, 2008

Ferraro Becomes Second Clinton Operative in Two Days to Lose Everything

Ferraro, left, is considering getting back into acting
Q: What do Chernobyl and Geraldine Ferraro's career have in common?
A: Both spent their existence in the servitude of communism, and ended in a fiery explosion prompted by human error.

The New York Times reported today that Walter Mondale's favorite vice-presidential candidate has been kicked to the sewage-soaked curb by Bill Clinton's Wife and Mr. Clinton's campaign for her presidency. This act of retaliation came in response to Ferraro's assertion that democrat-affiliated bottom feeders were turning out in droves to support Barack Hussein because he was black - not because he was running against the tag team of a morally-bankrupt smear artist and her raping, thieving husband. Ferraro was reportedly crushed by the betrayal.
Unfamiliar with the experience of opening The Times to anything besides Anti-Government, Anti-Military propaganda, The Grizz barely managed to restrain himself from dancing with joy at the latest misfortune to strike Bill Clinton's Wife and Family. Ferraro was a centerpiece of their campaign, and perhaps the only precedent to suggest that Americans would tolerate a housewife anywhere in the White House outside of the Lincoln bedroom.
Taking a trick out of the Al-Qaeda Field Manual, Ferraro played the martyr. She claimed that she was firing herself because, "The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt [Bill Clinton's Wife]. I won’t let that happen.” It's unclear when she plans to release a photograph of herself standing in front of a green curtain with an AK-47.
Everyone knows The Freedom Brothers are not flip-floppers, but one piece of evidence on this website may suggest the opposite: The Grizz has openly struggled with the decision to enjoy or revile the seemingly never-ending quest for a democrat Presidential nominee. Let him finally clarify, once and for all, where he stands.
Despite having to relive the worst eight years of our lives (January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001) every moment Bill Clinton's Wife's ugly face bangs up against the inside of our televisions, watching loyalist after loyalist stand at their own personal Golgotha on an almost daily basis is an experience that the Freedom Brothers may never again be able to celebrate.

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