Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Bill Clinton's Wife Frantically Tries to Extricate Sex Criminal Elliot Spitzer from Her Legacy

Elephant in the corner? How about Mount Kilimanjaro in the Port-A-San.

No thanks to the liberal-slanted media, every half-wit on God's Green Earth knows that already-disgraced, imminently-indicted sex criminal Elliot Spitzer spent most of his career cuddled up in bed, whispering sweet nothings into Bill Clinton's Wife's ear. Now, she's is in the basement of her Chappaqua mansion with her apron on, frantically trying to scrub out the stains from her satin sheets. Luckily for her, CNN, MSNBC and Air America are too busy trying to discredit The Troops with their latest manufactured scandal to focus on her blood-brother's felonious, hypocritical indiscretions.

The Future Ex-Governor's doomsday couldn't have come at a better time for America. Recently, his leftist agenda has been advancing more rapidly than ever before - especially when it came to assisting illegal immigrants as they swarm locust-like across Our Nation's sovereign borders. He and the Clinton Crime Mob have worked closely together to provide government-issued identification to these criminals, and were it not for the total disintegration of his career and family life, he'd probably have the New York State DMV offering free flight-training and handing out box-cutters by the close of 2008.

In May, Spitzer became one of the dnc's first political agents to swear his allegiance to Bill Clinton, Bill Clinton's Wife, and their collaborative campaign to take over America. He enthusiastically supported her, praising her for "her charisma, courage and guts." Ironically, the support was not mutual. Mrs. Clinton scorned him during the 2006 gubernatorial primary, most likely because of his (now discredited) crusade against the same political corruption that's made her wildly rich and fantastically powerful.

Now, Spitzer doesn't have to worry about his pesky responsibilities anymore. He can drive around all night long, picking up all the gutter-dwelling streetwalkers he can find. That inconvenient family won't get in the way anymore either. Whatever integrity his wife has left after he dishonored her can only be saved if she leaves him - and soon.

The Grizz is known to hate many things, places and people, but New York's deeply corrupt democrat establishment is at the top of his list. He and Freedom Eagle will surely cherish this charade as it unfolds in weeks to come.

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