Saturday, March 8, 2008

America's Newspaper: Clinton Crime Mob Wheeling and Dealing with Felons, Communists

"I gotta play it cool. My wife has an election to steal."

The Washington Times on Friday proved that Mr. and Mrs. Bill Clinton earned $700,000 last year off stock given to them by an ex-con with close ties to the Communist regime occupying the Chinese mainland. More nefariously, their shares were somehow sold to an unidentified buyer who felt that investing more than half a million dollars in an already failed web start up was a good idea. The Clintons' angrily shot down media requests for them to identify the mystery man before turning back to manage their tag-team assault on the White House and American people in November.
Bill Clinton had been given the stock directly by Accoona Corp. as a speaker's fee for his remarks at a left-wing rally they sponsored in 2004. The Freedom Brothers are actively seeking a transcript of the event, which is believed to have come at the behest of one of Accoona's other primary stockholders - The China Daily Information Co., part of the monolithic state-controlled media apparatus wielded by the Maoist Regime in China (aka Occupied Taiwan). Given Mrs. Clinton's long-plotted offensive to take over America, its unlikely that her husband's speech took place in front of a hammer-and-sickle emblazoned red banner, but still, the implications of such associations cannot be understated.
Even the limp-wrists across the pond knew to steer clear of Accoona. The Washington Times' muckraker, Jim McElhatton, reported Derek Hyatt, an English politician, ordered his people to "shun" the company because it was a tool used by the junta to suppress the Freedom-loving Chinese people. Hyatt, who heads a committee overseeing Internet-related issues in the House of Commons - whatever that is - told McElhatton that Accoona Corp. is suspected of having informed on its users, who were later subjected to human rights violations by military and police forces commanded by the regime.
Bill Clinton, who's previous exploits include a string of rape scandals and a smattering of white-collar crimes, is in double-trouble when it comes to his latest adventure. Not only is he now proven to be in bed with America's Enemies, but a convicted felon who was just released after a 19-month bid in the slammer. Armand Rousso, a co-founder of Accoona was accused, then convicted by a jury of his peers, of various federal crimes, which include fraud and money-laundering. Who he was washing cash for - bank robbers, narcotics traffickers, Islamic terrorists - remains unclear.
Hard-working Americans have tolerated this couple's deviant behavior for long enough. After B. Hussein Obama has relegated Mrs. Clinton to history's sewage treatment plant (and been subsequently destroyed in the general election by American Hero and Future-President John McCain), the American people can stop focusing on ridding themselves of the Enemy Within, and turn all of their attention to killing the Terrorists and continuing their sometimes-violent, sometimes-non-violent campaign to make the world safe for Democracy.
SIDE NOTE: Conservative Icon Margaret Thatcher has been released from the hospital after recovering from a brief illness this past week. Ms. Thatcher has spit in Death's face many a time over the years, surviving the Luftewafte laying waste to her country, assassination attempts by Irish terrorists, and numerous strokes. She has proven over and over again that she's so tough, she's practically an American. The Freedom Brothers send her our best wishes.

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