Friday, March 7, 2008

Mission Failed

It looks like the nimrods over at the dnc got a little ahead of themselves. Before they throw a screaming child at War Hero and Future-President John McCain's feet in the general election, they have to manage to elect one first. Unfortunately, none of them brought their mommies along to teach them how.

The Grizz has said it time and time again: an idiot's right to vote for one of his own kind is one of his foremost Freedoms as an American. The democrat national convention, apparently, hasn't been listening to him. Based on a completely meaningless technicality, it disenfranchised the totality of its bottom-feeders in Florida and Michigan. Now, Bill Clinton's Wife is demanding that they be counted after the fact, even if it means forcing these states to spend untold millions on a completely new election.


Shockingly, this isn't even the stupidest thing going on in America's sham left-wing at the moment. Let the Freedom Brothers give you some examples.

  • Hussein Obama is playing pretend. He's demanding to see the Clinton's crooked tax returns, and simultaneously acting like he doesn't know about the publicly documented violent and non-violent felonies they have committed with total impunity over the years. Come on folks. He's not that stupid.

  • Bill Clinton's Wife actually compared barack hussein obama to Kenneth Starr, the Government Official that dedicated years of his life, and shed blood, sweat and tears to get her corrupt womanizer of a husband back on his leash.

  • Samantha Power, the only member of the Hussein Campaign to make an even remotely rational observation since its inception over a year ago, was discarded like a Frenchman's honor because of her remarks. Earlier this week, she called Mrs. Clinton "a monster" (true). She also famously announced that it would be completely impossible for her benefactor to fulfill his promise to defeat The Troops and bring them back to our homeland in shame within sixteen months. Apparently, it was news to democrats that the American people would never tolerate this atrocity.

Just a few days ago, The Grizz was revelling in the plane-crash-onto-a-train-crash that was the democrat's quest for a nominee, but now he's getting sick of it. Can someone hire Halliburton to get some consultants together and teach these losers how to pick a winner?

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true american hero said...

kudos grizz, you are a true american hero. thanks for speaking the truth.